Clyde Stubblefield, The Funky Drummer. (1943-2017)

Sept 19, 2009. During a event held for the film screening of ‘Copyright Criminals’ held at Yonge Dundas square a pretty magical moment occurred. Music is an inspiration and a motivator in my creative life, and growing up Public Enemy was a band I never tired of hearing - and their beats were awesome. Fast forward to this assignment and I learn that Chuck D is doing a live set with one of his mentors, Clyde Stubblefield. Simply put, Mr. Stubblefield is the most sampled drummer in the history of music. He’s that great rhythm behind so many of James Brown’s legendary songs - along with thousands of other artists who sampled his beats. Getting to see Chuck D play a live show with one of his idols, was the story behind the images on this day.